Summary of the innovations by version

Version 3.3.0 avilable since April 1, 2017.

From April 1, 2017, the syndic function in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises will be included within associations of co-owners. If the syndic is a legal body, a delegate of the legal body may also be appointed.

You can consult the details of a syndic as a legal body by clicking on the business number, as for any other functions.

If the syndic is a natural person who carries out this activity on a professional basis, you can consult the details of this one-man business by clicking on his name and surname.

Version 3.2.0 available since 10 June 2015.

The CBE Public Search now offers the possibility to perform a search by authorisation.

Version 3.1.0 available since 5 November 2014.

BCE Public Search is now also available in German and in English.

Version 3.0.1 available since 9 May 2014.

Recently, the new BCE law has been put into force, as a part of the 'Wetboek van Economisch Recht - Code de Droit économique' (Codex of Economic Law). As a result of this, more search options have become available in BCE Public Search.

1. All enterprises can be consulted. BCE Public Search can now be searched for all enterprises included in BCE, regardless of their state. This implies that not only active, but also stopped and published enterprises can now be consulted in BCE Public Search. Where stopped enterprises are concerned, all the active data on the date of cessation are shown.

2. More data are available : a. legal situation and event. b. financial information : capital and information regarding the financial year. c. legal functions. d. links between enterprises. e. duration of the enterprise.

3. New search options are offered. Among others, the search filter by name and by address can now be defined in a better way, and a search by activity is now also available.

Version 2.5.0 available since the 1st of June 2012

1. Search results available in PDF format

The results of each search, shown on the screen as a list of enterprises or establishment units, are from now on also available in PDF. Making it easier to print, save or email these search results. Long list can now be printed at once instead of printing each page with 20 enterprises or establishment units.

2. Link towards BELAC (Belgian Accreditation Organisation)

It is now possible to consult the accreditations acquired by an enterprise on the KBO Public Search website through a link towards the BELAC database.

An accreditation is a certification given by a third party to an institution which verifies the conformity of products and services. This certification allows the institution to proof their competences, independence and impartiality. It applies to laboratories, control and certification institutions.

BELAC is the Belgian accreditation organisation.

More information about BELAC and the accreditation system can be found by clicking on the link below:

Version 2.4.0 available since 10 May 2011

What is new in this version?

1. The search option "Searching via address".

How do your proceed?
  • - Type in a Belgian postal code (eventually found via input and selection of the name of the municipality/city).
  • - Type in the beginning of a street name and select a street name from the predefined list of streets situated within the region of your selected postal code.
  • - Add the house number to this.
  • - Click ‘Search’.
What is the result of the query?
Public Search displays the enterprise and/or the establishment unit located at the address that you have entered.
The enterprise thus displayed may be located there with:
  • - its registered administrative seat (only for the legal entity);
  • - its branch office in Belgium (only for a foreign legal entity);
  • - an establishment unit.
2. The notice "Extra address info"

Public Search displays the address complement – that has been registered with the database CBE – with a label "Extra address info" after :
  • - the registered office address of the legal entity,
  • - the address of the branch office in Belgium,
  • - the address of the establishment unit.
Some examples of extra address info : Winkel 4, Unit 16, HSBC BANK BUILDING 6th FLOOR, 2° ETAGE, IT TOWER, Havenlokaal 2F, bureau 27, Résidence Porte de Namur – bloc B, ex n°626, Parc Industriel, STADE COMMUNAL, BOX 548. 3.

3. The publication of an extra GSM or telephone number

Public Search displays the extra GSM or telephone number that has been registered into the database CBE.

What other advantages does this version have to offer?

1. The phonetic search has become easier to use.

An adapted method of phonetic search renders better results. Searches without results in the past now are successful,

especially where it pertains to:
  • - very common family names and given names (e.g., Cornelis, Frans, Martin, Pierre….) or a combination of both,
  • - the combination of family names and given names (e.g., jan-peeters, peeters jan….),
  • - compound names (fabrique d’église…)
  • - frequently occurring words or descriptions / designations (FPS, SPF, FOD …..), and
  • - the combination of the above possibilities with the postal code (e.g., kerkfabriek with 9300, fabrique d’église with 4000).
De The splitting of the phonetic search by
  • - the current designation (default setting) and
  • - "inclusive of the old designation" (click this in if you want it) will bring a result that answers better to what you want.
Clicking in "inclusive of old designations" is recommended if you are not quite sure of the current designation or if you specifically want to search for a designation that was used in the past by the enterprise or the establishment.

This may pertain, for instance, to searches for
  • - ministry (currently: 18 results)
  • - ministry (old designations included: 38)
2. The lists of the search results can now be sorted.

If they do not contain more than 200 results, the following columns in the lists can henceforth be sorted in an ascending or descending order:
  • - the enterprise numbers,
  • - the administrative name of the enterprise,
  • - the designation of the establishment unit,
  • - the address (according to the postal code).
3. The up-to-date status of the displayed data is shown.

Public Search displays the current status of the CBE database entries with a one-day delay. Data that today are entered into the CBE database will by tomorrow be available for display in Public Search. The status of the CBE database on which Public Search is based for its publication will henceforth be explicitly shown on every screen

4. The feedback information has become more specific.

When conducting a search by enterprise or establishment number, you will find mostly information concerning an operating, discontinued, or published business.

It may happen that your search does not render a result. Instead of just the general message "no data found", the feedback message in this version specifies:
  • - that no active data were found for the number entered, or
  • - that the number you entered is non-existing.
In the first instance you searched for an enterprise or establishment that is no longer in existence and whose enterprise or establishment number was discontinued. Enterprises or establishment units that have ceased to be fully operational are not displayed in the CBE Public Search.

In the second instance, you searched with a number that has not yet been assigned by the CBE to an enterprise. Check the number you entered.

Version 2.3.0 available since 23 June 2010

The CBE Public Search henceforth displays

  • - not only the data of the active enterprises and establishments registered into the CBE with the status "active - AC" but likewise
  • - the public identification data of the enterprises and the establishments that are not yet actively operating in Belgium but are already registered into the CBE under the status "Published - PB".

Three new business qualities are displayed:

  • - the quality of an EDRL-enterprise, entered within the context of the European Services Directive, and
  • - the quality of a non-EU enterprise, and
  • - as of 1 July 2010, the quality of "Substitute Entrepreneur" entered within the context of the Register of Substitute Entrepreneurs.

The quality of "EDRL-enterprise" will be registered into the CBE when it pertains to a service provider:
  • - a legal entity under European law with establishment, administrative seat, or branch office within the European Union (but outside of Belgium), or
  • - a natural person enterprise without establishment in Belgium and that needs a licence for the exercise of its activities falling within the scope and application of the directive.

The quality of "non-EU enterprise" is registered into the CBE when it pertains to a service provider
  • - a legal person enterprise under European law without establishment, administrative seat, or branch office within the European Union, or
  • - a natural person enterprise without establishment in Belgium.

We have made the application more user-friendly.

  • - The logo "e", clickable at the top-right on every page, links to the site
  • - The heading "Alles over KBO - All About CBE" , mentioned on every page, makes reference to the specific pages in containing all available and useful information about the CBE database, the registrations, the legal framework, the services for the enterprises and the public administrations.
  • - The search "via keyword" for a natural person enterprise henceforth becomes possible by simply filling in the family name and the initial letter of the given name.
  • - Via the rubric "External link" at the bottom of the screen of the establishment units that have registered into the site, you can surf to the information detail that has been entered by the enterprise itself on the trades and liberal professions site.
  • - The "red pencil icons" on the detail screens refer to the possibilities available to the enterprise to
    • - have data changed via the appropriate forms (for data prior to 2003), or
    • - personally consult, change, and enter online data via the module "Self Service" within the CBE Private Search.
  • - the activity codes of the enterprise and the establishments are clickable, whereby the information of the NACEBEL codes 2008 are displayed.

Version 2.2.0 available since 20 April 2010

This version only displays a new datum for the natural person enterprise.

"Toelatingen-Licences" web service makes it possible via the eHealth-platform to call up the licences registered into the Federale databank van de beoefenaars van de gezondheidszorgen.

The result of the consultation may be:
  • - either the mention of the licence registered into the Federal database of practitioners of the health care professions that is held by the founder of the natural person enterprise;
  • - or the notification that no licence for this given person has been registered into the Federal database of the practitioners of the health care professions.
Important notice: at the start-up of this version, it was not possible to retrieve the licences for physiotherapists, dentists, and health care providers. Hence, these licences cannot be displayed in the CBE Public Search at the start-up of this version.

The link to the licences registered into the Federal database of the practitioners of the health care professions will never be displayed with the legal entities. .

Two changes have rendered the application more user-friendly.

The link "Accreditation as Works Contractor? "
  • - - was moved from the rubric "External links" the bottom of the detail screen of the enterprise to the rubric "Licences" and
  • - is displayed only with the enterprises that possess such a licence.
  • The new link "Accreditation as Works Contractor" still refers directly to the database of the competent administration which, for the called-up enterprise, will display all details concerning the accreditation as works contractor in the interpretation of the Law of 20 March 1991.

The Search by domicile address.
  • In pursuance of the provisions of the Privacy Protection Act, the domicile address of the natural person enterprise may never be displayed. In order to clarify this even further, in the case of a "Search via keyword" and after the selection "natural person", there will follow the explicit request to enter only the postal code or the municipal name of the oldest establishment. Searching for an address of a natural person enterprise is via both a "phonetic search" and an "exact search" only possible by means of a postal code or the municipal name of the oldest establishment.

Version 2.1.0 available since 7 December 2009

This version introduces two new data elements.

  • The URL of the website - – in so far as this information has been entered into the database – is henceforth displayed under the rubric "General"of the enterprise data or the establishment data and under the rubric "Bijhuis- Branch" for the foreign enterprise active in Belgium.
  • The link "Accreditation as Works Contractor?" at the bottom of the screen "enterprise data" makes it possible to search directly in the database of the competent administration whether or not an enterprise has been issued an accreditation as works contractor in the interpretation of the Law of 20 March 1991.

Two changes have rendered the application more user-friendly.

  • Henceforth you are able to search for a postal code via the name of a municipality. Type in the name of the municipality (or the first letters of the name) in the zone "via municipality" and select the wanted city from the list. The postal code associated with the selected municipality will automatically be entered.
  • The print-out format of the enterprise and establishment data has been changed.

Version 2.0.0 available since 21 September 2009

The web application has received a new look and feel. Its characteristic novel features are:

  • The choice of the search screen as home page,
  • The use of a different colour palette,
  • The new web head,
  • The new web address,
  • The possibility to change language on every web page,
  • The user-friendly icons,
  • The user-friendly input field for the search of the enterprise number and the additional surf references.
The application has been enhanced with improved and novel search possibilities.

  • Henceforth, an enterprise will no longer be displayed as of its registration date but rather as of the date on which it became active. This active enterprise will remain displayed until the date of its closure.
  • The web page for the enterprise data now also displays the telephone number, the fax number, and the e-mail address of the enterprise in question.
  • The pencil icon in the application gives access to the blank form that is to be completed for the selected data group, while the icon "formulieren - forms" in the upper top bar allows access to all the forms available.
  • The heading "Frequently Asked Questions" provides information about the specificity of the application.
Total new functionalities are:

  • the location of the enterprise or establishment unit on a street plan "google map";
  • the display of the exemptions from professional competences and basic knowledge of business administrative procedures;
  • the identification of enterprise duplication and the retention of the still active and valid enterprise number;
  • the possibility for a direct search by the designation of an establishment unit whereby the search via the commercial name of the establishment of the natural person enterprise becomes feasible;
  • the possibility to call up the active non-commercial enterprises under private law with a listing of their designated business quality and their issued licences, permits, authorisations.