Establishment unit data

In general
Enterprise number:0453.968.710
Status of the entity:Active
Number of the establishment unit:2.070.400.266
Status of the establishment unit:Active
Start date:February 21, 1995
Name of the establishment unit: RUTSAERT BVBA
Name in Dutch, since February 21, 1995
Address of the establishment unit:
Steenstraat   100 Street map
9340   Lede
Since February 21, 1995
Phone number:No information found in the CBE.
Fax:No information found in the CBE.
Email address:No information found in the CBE.
Web address:No information found in the CBE.
No data included in CBE.
Version of Nacebel codes for activities 2008(1)
Main activity: 23.61001 - Manufacture of precast concrete used in construction: tiles, flagstones, bricks, hollow slabs, sheets, panels, pipes, pillars, etc.
Since January 1, 2008
Main activity: 41.20122 - General coordination on the construction site
Since January 1, 2008
Main activity: 43.12001 - Earthworks: excavation, landfill, levelling of construction sites, trench digging, rock removal, blasting, etc.
Since January 1, 2008
Main activity: 43.999 - Other specialised construction activities
Since January 1, 2008
Main activity: 43.99906 - Assembly and disassembly of scaffolding and work platforms
Since January 1, 2008
Version of the Nacebel codes for the NOSS-activities 2008(1)
Main activity: 41.201 - General construction of residential buildings
Since January 1, 2008
Show the activities for NACEBEL codification version 2003.

(1)The EC-classification of the Nacebel codes has changed on 1/1/2008. Both the Nacebel codification of 2003 and 2008 are available in Public Search. The 2003 codes were valid until 31/12/2007. On 1/1/2008, the new codification became valid. This was a mere administrative conversion : no activities of the entity or establishment unit have thus been changed.