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Establishment unit data

In general

Enterprise number:0878.660.345
Status of the entity:Active
Number of the establishment unit:
Status of the establishment unit:Active
Start date:April 10, 2006
Name of the establishment unit: The Crew Factory
Name in Dutch, since April 10, 2006
Address of the establishment unit:
Oude Heidestraat   83
3740   Bilzen
Since March 1, 2015
Phone number:No information found in the CBE.
Fax:No information found in the CBE.
Email address:No information found in the CBE.
Web address:No information found in the CBE.


Licences registered with the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC)  Click here

Version of Nacebel codes for activities 2008(1)

Main activity: 42.22001 - Construction of electrical energy transmission and distribution lines
Since April 1, 2010
Main activity: 43.21101 - Installation of electrical wiring and fittings
Since April 1, 2010
Main activity: 49.410 - Freight transport by road except removal services
Since June 1, 2010
Main activity: 53.200 - Other postal and courier activities
Since June 1, 2010
Main activity: 53.20001 - Collection, routing and distribution of letters, parcels and parcels by enterprises other than the national postal administration. One or more methods of transport may be used.
Since April 1, 2010
Main activity: 70.220 - Business and other management consultancy activities
Since January 1, 2008
Main activity: 70.22001 - Advice and assistance to companies and public services in planning, organisation, performance research, control, management information, etc.
Since January 1, 2008
Main activity: 74.901 - Activities of agents and representatives of artists, sportsmen and other public figures
Since January 1, 2008
Main activity: 81.22001 - Interior cleaning of buildings of all types: offices, factories, workshops, premises of institutions and other premises for commercial or professional use, apartment buildings, etc.
Since February 2, 2011
Main activity: 81.22002 - Window cleaning
Since February 2, 2011
Main activity: 81.30002 - Creation and maintenance of gardens, parks and green spaces for sports facilities
Since February 2, 2011
Main activity: 82.300 - Organisation of conventions and trade shows
Since January 1, 2008
Main activity: 82.990 - Other business support service activities n.e.c.
Since January 1, 2008
Main activity: 90.023 - Specialised services in sound, image and lighting
Since January 1, 2008

Version of the Nacebel codes for the NSSO-activities 2008(1)

Main activity: 90.022 - Design and production of décors
Since January 1, 2008
Show the activities for NACEBEL codification version 2003.
No data included in CBE.

(1)The EC-classification of the Nacebel codes has changed on 1/1/2008. Both the Nacebel codification of 2003 and 2008 are available in Public Search. The 2003 codes were valid until 31/12/2007. On 1/1/2008, the new codification became valid. This was a mere administrative conversion : no activities of the entity or establishment unit have thus been changed.