Registered entity data

In general
Enterprise number:0897.562.081
Legal situation: Normal situation
Since October 1, 2014
Start date:October 1, 2014
Name:Duli, Gazmen
Since October 1, 2014
AddressNo data available due to protection of privacy
MapAddress of the oldest establishment unit still active:
Boskeetstraat 32
9031 Gent
Phone number: No data included in CBE.
Fax: No data included in CBE.
Email address: No data included in CBE.
Web Address: No data included in CBE.
Entity type: Natural person
Number of establishment units (EU): 1  Information and activities for each establishment unit
Founder registered entity natural person Duli ,  Gazmen  Since October 1, 2014
Proof of professional skills and basic knowledge of enterprise governance
Knowledge of basic management
Since October 1, 2014
Structural works
Since September 22, 2017
Subject to VAT
Since October 1, 2014
Enterprise subject to registration
Since November 1, 2018
Prof. Comp. of masonry/concrete contractor (
Since September 22, 2017
Knowledge of basic business management
Since September 9, 2014
Version of the Nacebel codes for the VAT activities 2008(1)
VAT 2008  33.120  -  Repair services of machines
Since October 1, 2014
VAT 2008  81.300  -  Landscape service activities
Since October 1, 2014
VAT 2008  96.099  -  Other personal service activities
Since October 1, 2014
Financial information
No data included in CBE.
Links between entities
No data included in CBE.

(1)The EC-classification of the Nacebel codes has changed on 1/1/2008. Both the Nacebel codification of 2003 and 2008 are available in Public Search. The 2003 codes were valid until 31/12/2007. On 1/1/2008, the new codification became valid. This was a mere administrative conversion : no activities of the entity or establishment unit have thus been changed.

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